cast, die, repeat

Hello guys, "Cast, Die, Repeat' is our entry for the 5th Alakajam. It is also our first time doing game dev and design at all. We decided to start with a game jam because failing faster is better.

Our game is based on a platformer mechanic with some timing-puzzles. The player can only cast a single portal spell per level besides walking and jumping. The goal is to reach the crystal at the end of each level.
For this very buggy version we did only 9 levels but hopefully we'll refine it and make it better.

We've placed 4th on Overall and 4th on Gameplay as well, check it out!

Arrow keys - movements and jump
Z - casts portal to the facing direction
X - restart the level

Lots of lessons learned and definitely we had fun. We appreciate every feedback!

TheSunda - Programmer 
Shoble - Artist
CrookedLemons - Artist

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withOpenFL, Stencyl
Tags2D, alakajam, spellcasting, Stencyl

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Thanks for playing it Joshua!

I deeply appreciate all your comments and feedbacks. Most of the things were definitely misses from us being a first-time game designers/developers, e.g. the z/x keys vs x/c keys combination, I was totally unaware! The full screen issue was something we also didn't think of, I'm sorry that this troubled your gameplay and I'm definitely including this as a improving.

We had lots of issues with hitbox, again, issues with not having experience on setting up a good hitbox. We're already iterating on this and trying different sizes with local gameplays. 

I had a good time watching you play and reacting to things like: "You die if you go through the ceiling".

We hope to see you playing again when this game is more polished.


Cool little game :)


pretty good.